Experience the Community and Residences

© Diana Pappas

© Diana Pappas

com·mu·ni·ty: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals (Oxford Dictionaries).

Wetrock Farm will cultivate a true community. A community in which you often gather with neighbors, know your local farmer and feel connected to your roots. A community of neighbors with similar interests. A community that values living lightly on the land, enjoying the outdoors, sharing knowledge, and being part of a safe and sustainable food system.

The organic farm and preserved open space provide, in total, over 100 acres of outdoor space for residents to explore – including recreation areas scattered throughout the property, such as picnic spots, walking trails and outdoor event space. In addition, residents will be able to further their healthy lifestyles at the quality fitness center on site.

Residential development summary:

  • 15 minute drive to downtown Durham, within the high-growth Raleigh-Durham metro area
  • 141 Homesites, mix of small lots near farm and wooded estate lots
  • Top-quality homes
  • Emphasis on sustainable home features and low-impact development practices
  • Opportunities to cultivate personal farm and garden plots on individual homesites or within the community garden
  • Access to the neighborhood farmer for advice
  • Homesites will be located on a portion of the site that was previously used for agricultural purposes, minimizing the overall development impact and eliminating the need for extensive clearing.