Lifestyle Benefits

© Jamie Paxton

© Jamie Paxton

  • Enjoy unparalleled access to safe, healthy, in-season produce that is as local as it gets

  • Have a greater connection to your local food system 

  • Nourish your family and friends with healthier options

  • Get advice from the on-site farm manager for growing your own garden

  • Enjoy the best of North Carolina nature and trails for exercise, leisure, and family time

  • Live within a short commute to Durham and the Research Triangle area

  • Be a part of a community of friendly neighbors

The generous amounts of preserved open space within Wetrock Farm offer residents even more lifestyle benefits.

  • Privacy for residences

  • A beautiful backdrop for homesites

  • Recreational space to explore including walking trails and picnic areas

  • Habitat for native plants and animals

  • Security against encroachment of potential future developments