A community rooted in the land

The Farmstead is the beating heart of Wetrock Farm. Situated in the northeast corner of the community, the Farmstead will operate all seasons using sustainable practices on 15 acres of active farming space benefiting from the rich soils and extended growing season of the Southeast. 


What does the farmstead promise?


Residents will enjoy unparalleled access to fresh, seasonal food grown in their neighborhood at a fraction of the cost of individually owning and maintaining a private farm.

• Weekly Food Share deliveries
• Sustainable farming practices
• Full-time Farm Manager
• Heated year-round greenhouses
• Educational programs
• Partnerships with neighboring farms


What does the Farm grow?

• Rotating vegetable fields
• Heirloom-variety fruit tree orchards
• Vineyards of muscadine grapes
• Fields of blueberries and pick your own strawberries

Our rotating vegetable fields will include many of the crops that NC residents look for at local farmers markets, including favorites like lettuce, kale, sweet potatoes, green beans, collards, onions and bell peppers.

Our fruit tree orchards will be beautifully-landscaped with native perennials to accompany and complement the fruit trees. Our hundreds of trees include peach, cherry, apple, pear, persimmons, pawpaw, and pecan and within the next few years will bear delicious fruit for residents and guests to savor and share.



Wetrock’s Farm-to-City Approach

The Farmstead will serve a three-fold function:

• Grow produce for the Wetrock Farm community weekly food share
• Grow produce for sale at our farm stand and local farmers markets
• Support local restaurants with farm-to-table partnerships



Much more than a Farm

The Farmstead offers exciting opportunities for experienced home growers and farming novices alike. It will be both an educational hub and a gathering place for the community: offering farming classes, lectures from visiting educators, and a central location where residents can engage with one another and share unforgettable experiences with their entire family.


Dedicated Farm Manager

The full-time Farm Manager will oversee everything at the Farm and be available to all residents as an advisor, educator, and community liaison.

Interested Farm Managers, please request info to get in touch.


Wetrock Farm offers the best of the land, a genuine community, and nearby urban amenities all in one place.