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Perhaps the nicest wooded home sites in Durham County, these estate properties will be a diverse but cohesive mix of architectural styles. Build your own custom design or choose from our designs at the Woodlands borough.

Custom homes will range in size from approximately 2,000 s.f. to 3,200 s.f. All designs will be reviewed by community architect, Shaw Design Associates.


What does beyond efficient mean?

Against a backdrop of this pastoral setting, our Farmhouse-style homes are built to anticipate the energy standards that haven’t yet been set. With solar panels on every roof, and LEED certification, they surpass the current requirements, merging the beauty of modern farmhouses with the frontier of solar power and energy efficiency.

Wetrock Farm will be the first agrihood built with net-zero energy building standards in sight. Net-zero means that, although grid-tied, this development will create enough renewable solar energy to offset its own demand—leaving the environmental with little impact and residents with little cost.



As a renewable resource, solar energy enables Wetrock Farm to achieve energy independence. With sleek and modern solar panels included in the build of every house, residents will save thousands of dollars each year in energy costs starting on their very first night. Monthly energy bills for residents of Wetrock Farm will be low to $0.

Not only do solar panels require little maintenance, they foster a sustainable community. And in addition to being solar-powered, all homes at Wetrock Farm will be LEED-Certified, which requires the use of minimal chemicals and ensures healthier living inside and out.


Which Borough is right for me?

All 141 home sites offer unique designs and integrated solar power and will help support the thriving Farmstead. Homes are situated between four different Boroughs that show off the distinct sides of Wetrock Farm:

• The open and lively Farm Village
• The secluded and cozy Woodlands
• The quiet and beautiful Vineyard
• The private estates of the Reserve

Wetrock Farm will meet every taste and budget for high-quality homes.